Protect crushers, screens and conveyors from tramp metal damage by installing Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors. Confirm product quality and composition by installing Automatic Sampling equipment.


Eriez manufactures a range of quality products to meet the rugged demands of the aggregates industry. To reliably move materials and protect expensive equipment from costly damage caused by tramp metal, look no further than Eriez. Eriez offers innovative designs in material handling, magnetic separation and metal detection equipment.

Both manual and self-cleaning Overband Magnetic Separators are available in electromagnetic and permanent magnet styles. These magnetic separators automatically remove large amounts of ferrous from nonferrous materials conveyed in heavy burden depths on almost any type of conveyor or chute. They are perfect for separation applications on wet or dry, fine or coarse materials in large or small tonnages.

Permanent drum magnets and magnetic pulleys remove large and small pieces of tramp iron contamination from material processing lines. Crisscross, agitating or rare earth magnet circuits provide a variety of separation solutions to many different tramp iron problems.

Eriez range of industrial metal detection equipment, Metalarm series MA300-3500, MA3600 and EZ-TEC 9000 RD are designed to detect ferrous, nonferrous and non-magnetic stainless steel metals found in limestone, rock and coal, as well as other similar applications, providing a last line of defense of downstream machinery. These have been designed to suit various configurations from mobile crushers to individual conveyor systems.

Eriez designed a line of vibratory feeders to provide maximum control with maximum throughput while feeding or conveying in the difficult atmospheres often found in aggregates operations. From electromagnetic and mechanical feeder designs to find a solution for your specific needs.

For further information and help in selecting the equipment that matches your requirement, contact our offices at info@eriezeurope.

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