Recycling Equipment

As world authority in metal separation technologies, Eriez applies its collective knowledge in developing and manufacturing equipment for the recycling industry.


Eriez manufactures metal recovery equipment that can be applied with great results to various applications--from municipal solid waste (MSW) and shredded vehicles, plastics, WEEE scrap to foundry sand reclamation. 

Here are a few our latest developments: 
  • New or upgraded Eddy Current Separators. The latest development with the RevX-E, provides enhanced separation of nonferrous metals such as solid waste, bottom ash, comingled recyclables, PET flakes, glass, foundry sand, electronic scrap and ASR.

  • A revolutionary scrap drum P-Rex® with Traction Plate Drum Wrap offering an edge to edge and 40% stronger magnetic field. It uses novel underflow processing in which fluff passes under the drum rather than rotating over it as it does in traditional processes. Loose waste removal and metals recovery is enhanced for increased profits.  

  • Shred 1 ballistic separator uses ballistics to separate iron-rich ferrous from the mixed metals and waste material found in the post-drum magnet flow.  This powerful and innovative separator delivers a premium, low-copper content material and a traditional #2 product.  Shred1 reduces the need for a large number of hand-pickers.  

  • The FinesSort® Metal Recovery System uses a series of powerful magnetic components to process "fines" material that has passed through the initial screening stage to recover valuable ferrous and nonferrous metals less than one-inch in diameter. It not only reduces the amount of waste destined for landfill, but also reclaims metals previously unrecovered.

Check out the latest issues of the Eriez ReCOVERY magazine below featuring technical information and case studies--along with stories about the scrap and recycling business and how it is changing.

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