Prograde Magnetic Hoppagrid

Eriez Magnetic Hoppagrid is a simple, yet effective device for removing tramp iron from free-flowing granular or powdered materials. They allow the material to gravitate through the Hoppagrid where the ferrous particles are securely retained.

Prograde Magnetic Hoppagrid

These products are predominantly used in the plastics industry to prevent damage or blockage of valuable moulding or extrusion equipment resulting from build-up of ferrous metal contamination. They help to lower the costs of reject material/product and improve the quality of the end product.

Main features:
    • A unique design incorporating powerful permanent magnets.
    • Not obstructive to material flow.
    • Consistent performance.
    • Long life.
    • No running costs.
    • Easy to install - no fixing or bolting, simply rests against
      walls of hopper or slots into chute.

    • Suitable for round and square sided hoppers. 
    • Simple and quick to clean - remove from hopper and pick .
      clean by hand.

    • Decorative chronium plating finish to poles, nuts and washers.
    • Low capital outlay.

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