Prograde Xtreme Rare Earth Magnetic Grates In Housing

Part of Eriez Prograde™ range, these Easy-to-Clean rare earth grates in housing magnet provide for the quick removal of accumulated fine iron contamination.

Prograde Xtreme Rare Earth Magnetic Grates In Housing

They are an ideal choice for applications where the process is stopped for grate magnet cleaning, and therefore reduce downtime.

Eriez magnetic grates in housing are very effective in removing fine particle ferrous contamination (up to 1/2" [13 mm]) from many dry free-flowing products under gravity flow. 

Simply slide the individual door fronts from the housing and the accumulated metal contamination is scraped from the tube and discharges out the front of the housing. The cleaning cycle is reduced to only a few seconds with this push-pull operation.

Standard features
Two rows of staggered magnets
25mm diameter magnet tubes on 50mm centres
Stainless steel tube scrapers
Metal contaminant discharge chute
All stainless steel construction
Glass bead surface finish

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