Recycling Equipment Test Centre

Eriez Europe has now launched a state of the art Recycling Test Centre at our European Headquarters near Cardiff, South Wales, UK.

Customers are invited to visit the revolutionary new facility in order to test Eriez's new Eddy Current Separator units along with a range of other magnetic separation solutions.

The test centre enables customers to determine which combination of equipment is the best fit for their waste processing needs. Equipped with our full range of recycling machinery, including separation, vibratory feeding and metal detection equipment, it can handle bulk samples of any material, from coarse to very fine, and complements our equally well-equipped laboratory and testing facility.

The centre uses samples provided by the customer to conduct feasibility tests with various equipment combinations, based on a detailed analysis of the customer's requirements. Performance tests are used to confirm the machinery and settings and make a profitability assessment. A concise report is produced indicating the expected quantities and grade of recovered material as well as the most suitable equipment configuration.

For more information or to request a visit to our test facility, please contact +44(0)29 2086 8501 or E-Mail

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