PRV Samplers and Splitters

The PRV range of Samplers and Splitters is of robust design suitable for the most arduous duties, within one moving part facilitating easy maintenance.

PRV Samplers and Splitters

Suitable for vertical installation within falling streams, the PRV can be supplied for Primary Sampling or Sample Splitting duties.

The main features are:
• Suitable for wet and dry particulate streams.
• A segment shaped cutter rotating through the stream of product, acting either as a sampler with operation at pre-set time intervals or splitter where continuous cutter action, will extract a fixed proportion of product as sample.
• As a sampler, travel is initiated at predetermined intervals by a timer or at a signal from other equipment. Terminated by a limit switch operated braked motor.
• Each cutter is designed to suit the particular application requirements of maximum particle size or sample increment. Increment mass is directly proportional to cutter size and rational velocity at which it passes through the falling material. Any change in material flow rate will vary the increment taken.
When used as a Sample Splitter, the cutter rotates continuously 
removing a proportion of the feed governed by the selected cutter angle.

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